It’s All About Ibn Battuta

about Ibn Battuta

We all are living in an era where we all love and prefer to do the advance enhancement. We are all looking for something way beyond our thoughts and always in search of finding something more enhanced and advanced. But during this long run race of science, advancement, and technology we forget what our historian treasures. The ways, tricks, and tactics which was introduced during that time where there was no source of advanced resources. Now all these things have replaced into tablets, laptop, and other advanced features and applications.

So, in my today’s article, I try to recall one of the most reputable and profound personality which was not just well-known at the time of ancient history but also still remember with the name tagged of the tremendous scholar.


Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was one of the finest Moroccan Muslim scholar and a traveler. Over the period of around 30 years, he had visited many Muslim and non-Muslim lands including the lands of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Somalia, Swahili Coast, Persia, Iraq, Anatolia, Arab, and Central Asia.


The background of Ibn Battuta is quite interesting. He basically has born in Tangier, which is now known by the name of Morocco on 25 February 1304 so he was Moroccan. This city is located 45 miles straight from the west of the Mediterranean Sea, that is close to the west side of the Strait of Gibraltar ( nearly collide Africa and Europe) area.

To continue this, he was legally a scholar, but due to the thrust of his knowledge and interest, he decided to travel where he can explore the best teachers and libraries. So then he started his journey from Cairo, Alexandria, and Damascus and then, later on, explores the lands of the world. To keeping this interest on side, he also wanted to perform his pilgrimage (hajj) in Mecca as soon as possible, because of his passion, faith, and devotion.

Later then at the date of June 14, 1325, when he was only 21 years old he started his journey on a donkey.


Apart from his live journey, Ibn Battuta had written a lot of books, in one of his books collection he also narrated his entire traveling experience, the name of his well-known books are the travels of Ibn Battuta, Rihla, Ibn Battuta in black Africa, tuhfet un nuzzar fi gara ib il emsar and a lot more as well. In his all books he shared all his entire life experience, scholar thoughts and the experiences of life. His influential thoughts are still reflected in his books.


Apart from his books, and traveling, another thing that makes him prominent is his discovery during the time of traveling he had discovered so many undiscovered civilizations. Except this, he started his travel when he was only 20 years old in 1325 which was also surprising for all, especially at that time.


Despite this, the religious life of Ibn Battuta was also reflective. He spent his years where he completely devoted himself with the true dedication of taking spiritual healing. He also spent his few years in Mecca where he lived piously. Rest he also visited other historical and religious places including the dome of the rock which is located in Jerusalem, Aleppo, and Damascus mosques. Additionally, he is still known as a famous theologian and the jurists in the Arab speaking land.


Rest of his traveling and dedication towards his faith, in his entire life he studied and prayed, he practiced his profession and dod so many outdoor adventures. Additionally, about his personal life, so he married around 0 times and left his children and wives and left them growing up all there in Afro Eurasia.

Another thing which you all can easily notice in Batutta’s boos is his way of deliverance capability. He delivers his travel experience in a classic way. So the reader can easily imagine or build a picture according to that particular timeframe and era. So if you trace back the history or rewind the era where there were no advanced resources, no technology, and no access of connectivity enhancement then you can find that still there was a man who is known by the name of Ibn Battuta who was not only the traveler but also an educated, gregarious, and upper-class cosmopolitan Muslim man.


Last but not least his activities and complete life scenario show us a good image and reputation about him that how he spent and devoted himself and stay sincere about his profession and faith. In short, in his entire life, he also met with Sufis and encountered the places that entice him most.