Best Tripods 2019 Give your camera a rock-solid base

A decent tripod can open the door to some of creative techniques. Here we reveal the excellent tripods and what to look for whilst deciding on one.

If you need to enhance the high-quality of your photographs and strive out new photographic techniques, a respectable tripod have to be on the top of your buying listing. Not best will it enable you to gain sharper pictures, but you’ll additionally be capable of shoot in a much wider variety of situations – along with when ambient light levels are too low to shoot handheld.

Better nevertheless, a tripod will allow you to test with a number of innovative techniques which include lengthy-publicity images, which may be used to capture movement and turn clouds, rivers and the ocean silky smooth.

Video fans may also locate plenty of blessings in working with a tripod. Not least because a tripod will enable you to capture smoother and extra expert-looking photos, with out the shakiness normally related to novice films shot by using hand.

The exceptional tripod we examined Best Travel Tripod become the Gitzo GT1544T Series 1 6X Traveler. This tripod is beautifully designed, enormously portable and lightweight, with out compromising on capability. However, in case you’re looking for something extra cheap, the Benro Slim could make a high-quality opportunity. This price range tripod is unbelievably lightweight, as it’s far product of carbon-fibre, and is a great robust layout.

Which is the proper tripod for you?

One of the crucial matters to take into account while figuring out what type of tripod is proper for you is the burden of the digicam system you ought to mount on it. This isn’t as difficult as it’d sound, as maximum manufacturers helpfully specify a ‘maximum load ability’ that refers to how a lot weight each man or woman tripod is designed to undergo.

Two other crucial specs to appearance out for are: ‘most extendable top’, and ‘minimum height’. The first refers to the general top of the tripod while the legs and the centre column are completely prolonged, whilst the latter refers back to the minimum height off the ground you may set it to.

Of route, one of a kind types of photographer may have one of a kind priorities. Travel tripods, inclusive of the ones discovered in the Manfrotto BeFree and Velbon Ultra ranges, are popular, as they offer a sensible aggregate of low weight and compact dimensions, making them perfect for globe-trotting photographers and trekking enthusiasts alike.

At the other stop of the spectrum you’ll discover larger, heavier tripods designed in the main for studio use. These are often concerned with imparting a solid platform at prolonged heights for heavier professional-grade cameras and optics. You’ll locate the listing of first-rate tripods below.

Choosing a tripod head

Buying a hard and fast of tripod legs is simplest half of the story: you’ll also need a tripod head to take a seat on pinnacle of the legs and fasten a digital camera to.


Ball heads use a ball and socket design that permits for brief adjustment in all instructions. This makes them perfect while you need to border your image in a rush, but they can be a chunk clumsy in relation to first-rate-tuning your compositions. Hydrostatic ball heads alleviate this trouble to a point by means of including impartial resistance controls. As you would assume, they do value pretty a piece extra than normal ball heads, though.

Basic pan-and-tilt, or ‘-way’, heads assist you to control vertical and horizontal motion of the camera. While they may be beneficial for video capture, 3-manner heads are greater famous with stills photographers as they encompass a further hinge that lets in you to turn your digicam onto its side so that you can shoot in panorama or portrait orientation.

Other extra specialist tripod heads include geared tripod heads that rent a fixed of geared dials (in preference to lockable levers) to provide unique manipulate over every axis. Last however no longer least, gimbal heads are designed for use with huge telephoto lenses. Gimbal heads offer fluid movement in all directions and are popular with flora and fauna and sports photographers.