Clash of Clans APK Download

Download the Clash of Clans APK to put in to your Android device one of the fine fighting video games and approach presently available on Google Play. Through this page you may get the APK record geared up to install in your cell. What are you looking ahead to be the fine leader of all?

How do I install the Clash of Clans APK?

Installing the Clash of Clans APK is quite simple. Once you have got downloaded the report from our internet site, join the cellular to the computer.

If you are from the cell, actually run the document while the down load starts offevolved. Accept all the permissions that it asks you if you want to play the game (kind get right of entry to to the multiplayer capabilities of your tool).

However, in case you are on your computer and feature already related each Android and your PC through USB, surely bypass the downloaded APK to the “Downloads” or “Downloads” Then, follow the same steps you did to install in your cellular. Ready!

What is Clash of Clans?

Tired of being all day looking for some fun and interesting game to hang out on your Smartphone or Tablet? Stop looking and attend to what I am going to tell you.

Clash of Clans is an amazing online game for Android and iPhone that is available in a large number of languages ​​(from Spanish or German to Norwegian and Turkish) and that can be downloaded for free from Google Play and iOS from its initial release in August of the year 2012.

In clash of clans hile android oyun club you will be able to create your own clan and take it to victory by joining clans with your friends and epic battles against your enemies. Build your village, train your inhabitants, design your strategy and fight until you become the most powerful of all.

Another place where we should focus our attention is on our army, which will lead us to victory with effort and dedication (as well as with some time too). Within our army we can find different types of characters: warriors, archers, magicians, giants, etc. Each of these characters has different characteristics, different abilities and different attack ranges, which gives us infinite possibilities when forming our custom army.

Something that characterizes Clash of Clans APK  is that, after sending our army into battle, regardless of whether we win or lose, our troops will not return (except the heroes). This is cause for complaint for some of the players, but it is a way to prevent large villages from plundering non-stop small players, leaving them with no possibility of replenishing their troops. With this measure, a time of “rest” is left between each battle with which each one of the combatants will replace their army.

To deepen something more in the game we will start talking about the resources , which are divided into three types:Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir . Gold is the most basic resource and is used to build buildings, collect elixir, make warehouses, etc. The elixir is used to build troops and barracks, gold mines and dark elixir among other things. The dark elixir is mainly used to train heroes and train troops in the dark barracks.

We also find the gems, which are purchased through the application or obtained (quite slowly and randomly) through various methods during the game. The gems are used to buy resources, accelerate construction and finish troop training.

As far as defense is concerned, we can find different ways to defend our village from enemies. We can use simple walls or traps to protect our buildings or correctly position turrets of archers, cannons, wizard towers, etc … to eliminate each of the enemy soldiers and give them their due.

There are a thousand and one ways to get our village to the top of the ranking by trying different tactics, using different defenses or different combinations of warriors so that the battle ends in a generous victory. Clash of Clans APK  is the game of the moment, where thousands of players await you on the battlefield, do not hesitate to download Clash of Clans APK.