Create the ideal color palette for your new home

If you have just moved into your new home and want to turn your current decoration around, we share a series of recommendations to create an incredible color palette.

The combination of colors in a room or facade of a house is essential to define the personality of that space. Although the main color to be used in the walls plays a fundamental role, we must not forget that the color or colors with which they will be combined with other walls or furniture will also be relevant in dha peshawar . Discover how you can choose an ideal color palette for your new home.

Where can I get better results for a color palette?

  • Rooms
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Children’s room
  • Hall


The combination of colors used in a room will be essential to achieve a comforting rest at night. It is necessary to choose a color palette that promotes rest and meditation. A good choice may be the balance between honey and accessories or purple furniture. Another novel option may be the wood color next to a vibrant beige and gray accessories.

Living room

Because of its size and location, the living room of a house will always be the piece of your home to which more people will have access or can live in it. That’s why you need a great memorable color palette, which make your room a cozy place and witnesses great memories for your family. A first example may be the combination of the rose petal color with gray borders and purple or violet furniture. If you want a more conservative combination, you can use an indigo blue with walls alternated with the honey color. Finally, if you want a less complicated combination, you can choose the mustard color with finishes and white furniture.


Due to the existence of multiple furniture or equipment in the kitchen, sometimes its decoration is in the background, however, you can generate a quite pleasant atmosphere for your kitchen, in which a cream green can be the protagonist, alternated by white details and gray Another option may be the walnut color with white and dark gray details. Finally, you can also choose a white wall and shared by a carrot orange and light brown, this combination can evoke nostalgic air and inspire you to prepare your dishes with the same love that your mother or grandmother did.

Children’s room

For children’s rooms, more than one color palette should be considered, because girls and boys prefer different colors. You can opt for bright colors that keep your children in a positive mood and encourage their creativity. Check with your children the colors of their choice, so they can feel comfortable in their space.


No matter if the halls of your house are long or short, you can create a homey and inspiring atmosphere to that part of your home. The corridor is the last part of your house that you will leave before leaving for work and is also the first to receive you when you open the door of your home. That is why you can decorate your hall with a color palette that will inspire you to do your best to start the day. A good combination can be the green forest with the golden color. This combination will give your hall a high level of sophistication and elegance. Another option may be Aegean blue as the main color, with details in ocean blue and wood color.

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