Inflatable Kayak Reviews – Make an Informed Choice

Once you have found an inflatable kayak that you like, it is wise to read as many reviews on it that you can find.  The write-ups in the sporting goods websites are typically extremely positive and very up-beat.  While it is great that all of the good points have been pointed out, it is nice to hear from someone who has actually used that particular kayak.  Often their reviews are quite different.  Looking at those reviews with a critical eye as well as really knowing what you are looking for in an inflatable kayak will really help you to make an informed decision.

Get the Opinions of Others

Reading a review that covers not only the good points of the inflatable kayak but also the bad can help to give a more well rounded opinion of the one you are looking at.  If a review points out some negative points that does not mean that it is not still a good kayak.  Knowing the boats shortcomings can help you decide if it is the right one for you to use.  Often I find that some of the negative reviews simply wouldn’t apply to my recreational kayak use.  For example often people will point out that the kayak doesn’t track well or that it is not very fast.  While this may be true, there is often rudders or foot peddles that can be added for better tracking and though it may not be super speedy, it is however super stable and that to me is more important.  So the point is… look at the reviews critically and know exactly what is important to you.

What Type of Water Will You Be in Most?

Knowing what kind of water you will be paddling in most will really help you to determine the type of kayak you need.  Though it is possible to get a kayak that will perform well in all types of water, typically they will be a jack of all trades but a master at none.  If you know for sure that you will only be doing recreational flatwater kayaking or perhaps only whitewater kayaking, then there are specific brands and models that will suit them best.  Deciding on your category of kayaking first and then researching what is available will make the search for the right inflatable kayak a little easier.  Once you have narrowed it down to a few boats, then you can start to do some real research on different reviews.

Reviews can be extremely helpful in allowing us to make a much more informed decision on the right tamarack kayak for our lifestyle and needs.  Once you have purchased your kayak and used it I would highly recommend leaving your own review as the more that are on the web, the more people will be helped when looking for their own kayak.  Reviews are the best marketing tool available… use them and add to them.