Access Your Profile Via JCP Kiosk Digital Platform

To run a company, employees play an important role. JCP Kiosk allows its employees to access all of their data through an online platform. JCP Kiosk is a platform where employees can log in to their profiles to get updated information and to see different features.


JCP Kiosk Various Options

For JCP Kiosk employees, this platform is the best opportunity to get all the things in the busy hours. To avail of the amazing features, there is a need to log in to your JCP Kiosk account.

Your user name is a specially designed number, which consists of both alphabets, and numbers. It consists of JCP, your birth month, your birth year, and your social security number. This is your unique username. You can use the password according to your choice.

Open the JCP associates platform and log in using your username and password. Once you are in, there are various features to avail of.


You can have all the details about your payments. There is a paycheck stub option that provides all the necessary details about the payment. There are two types of payment, one is checked and the other is direct deposit. Your platform will show you the type of payment that was used to get your payment.


There are various time-off benefits. If you are working as the management part of the company and you want to take time off during your schedule, you will get management time-off. In addition, for non-management time-off, there is PTO.



It is very difficult to handle thousands of employees with physical means (documentation). Therefore, for better results and smooth management of the employees, this online platform plays an important role. One can check his schedule of the duty. Just log in and go to the schedule tab. You will see your schedule. If there is any change in your schedule, you will be notified through this platform.

For the absence of leave, you can inform your superior via this platform. You can get AOL using this feature and you can see your previous absence of leaves.


Former Employees

If you worked for JCP Company and now you are the former employee, you are still able to access your JCP Kiosk account. You can see your data and can find your W-2 document. In this way, you can check your pays, which you got after the deduction of all the taxes.

All Of Your Information At Just One Click

No matter at what post you are, all the employees are treated equally, and to make their life easy, JCP Kiosk is the platform to get all the necessary information of the employees. One can notify himself about his job schedule, leaves paid time-off, and payment check stubs.

Still, if you face any kind of difficulty while accessing your account, just contact at 1-888-890-8900. There will be no further delay to access your online platform. Moreover, visit our other social media accounts to stay in touch.