In this review, you may discover Paco Rabanne 1 Million as We touch on these subjects:

In this review, you may discover Paco Rabanne 1 Million as We touch on these subjects:

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance Review: A Contemporary Overworn Or classic Scent?


Paco Rabanne 1 Million is among the very Recognisable men’s fragrances from the 21st Century so far. You catch a whiff if you reside in town. In any scenario, it’s successfully established itself as an iconic and popular odor. one million paco rabanne


In this review, you may discover Paco Rabanne 1 Million as We touch on these subjects:one million paco rabanne

one million paco rabanne

Produced by Olivier Pescheux, Michel Girard and Christophe Raynaud, 1 Million caused a stir when it came out in 2008. It was an immediate success and young men of all backgrounds flocked to grab themselves a bottle.


It was one of my Significant fragrances as well as An initiation into the olfactory universe. Whilst the timeless Paco Rabanne Pour Homme would be religiously worn by my grandfather, I had the 1 Million.


As a young student in his late teens, I still fondly recall The compliments I would get from women. I could not believe how effective it was in the time and lavished its leather bouquet of spicy amber notes.


Now I’ve been put off by its popularity. It’s a odor that is great and it was worn with countless of guys. It’s my stepson’s fragrance of choice, Nowadays and it was gladly revisited by me for a trip down memory lane with more analytical eyes.


Paco Rabanne 1 the Composition of Million


With a fragrance of spicy, sweet and woody notes, 1 Million will fluctuate between the Asian and Woody household. However, given the prominent agarwood, which we will discuss later, it’s a Woody Spicy fragrance.


Head Notes




Blood Orange




Opening on a head of grapefruit, blood orange And sharp peppermint, 1 Million begins with a mind that is sharp, which retains a slightly mellow roundness. The minty feeling contrasts against the sour citrus spice.


If anything, the mind is strongly reminiscent of a well-made Old Fashioned given its bittersweet, citrus and sweet notes.


Heart Notes










Throughout a smooth transition, the mind subsides to reveal The heart that is opulent and sweet. A sugar citrus note of neroli bridges the head and heart. Meanwhile, floral notes of rose contrast against cinnamon and nutmeg spice that was vibrant.


The feeling creates a sweet and Before drawing against savoury polarity.


Base Notes








We’re lead to some base that reveals a Leather accord made by labdanum and resinous notes. A patchouli note, which creates an oily, finish that is intoxicating is also interacted with by the hot labdanum.


1 Million’s lifecycle


As a odor that is heady and boozy, it is impressive that 1 Million can create seamless transitions between its stages. In fact, the notes transition following the other using a structure one.


Wake & Power Of 1 Million


Catering to young adults and teenagers, 1 Million is a power Frag using a sillage and which may be discovered miles apart. It’s an enormously powerful fragrance with an enduring longevity that can effortlessly last you through the day or night.


Care is advised when employing as the bitter Resinous notes may quickly become overpowering if focused. 1 Million reputation has been made through over-application, which can make it quite garish.


Firstly, 1 Million has made itself quite a polarising reputation. Whilst many as an enchanting and enduring fragrance adored it, its reputation has hurt.


Being worn commonly, it may have lost its appeal And be considered overwhelming. There were a few that additionally noted that it came across as overly artificial and found that the sweetness cloying.


When subjected to small quantities, it was Looked on with appreciation. In Reality, many women still seem to have quite A soft spot for it. Additionally, it’s still attractive to young men as Their very first fragrance.