Present your listing in a competitive market (Part 1)

With these tips, you will build a better relationship with sellers and, in general, create lasting and trust-based relationships with your customers.

Submissions to your listings are a building block to a successful career in the real estate market like propertynews. If not done properly, you will lose customers, which means loss of business and commissions. But if done properly, they will help you quickly gain the trust of customers, their families, and their friends, which will go a long way toward building a successful long-term career.

Despite the invaluable benefits it represents, we know that listing submission can be intimidating. It will only be you, the client and the market analysis (although we know that the only thing that really matters to the client is the figure in pesos that appears on the last page). To help you stand out and gain the trust of your potential selling customers , here are 10 tips to make a positive and lasting impression in your next listing presentation.

Before the presentation:

1.Study a lot and know the market

You should know about recent sales that might be comparable to the property in question and about competitive properties on the market more than anyone else. We suggest using two or three hours of your time to review the competition listing and recent sales. Also, it will always be a good idea to report this information to your potential client without the need to resort to your notes. You are the expert, make sure that this new client trusts your knowledge by demonstrating it with ease.

2.Create a strategy that appeals to your ideal buyer

Think about who might be interested in the property and get ready to openly discuss ideal buyer profiles . How are you going to get to them? Write a plan and, along with your ideas, set deadlines to carry them out.

Now, if you already have a potential interested customer, who is it? Your profile will be the best clue to answer this question. We recommend that during your presentation you mention the organized plan of the actions that you will take in case the client decides to list his property with you.

3.Be prepared, even if you think you already have it in the bag

Has your best client just introduced you to his sister or mother who will now be involved in the property sale process? Then you should welcome him with a small appetizer or a drink, never attend the presentation without being prepared. Also, you must make your presentation of the marketing plan and the valuation of the sale of the property in capital smart city, never take things for granted in advance.

Put these tips into practice and don’t miss the second part of this note , where we will bring you recommendations on what to do during and after the presentation of your listings.