Why World Peace Seems An Unattainable Idea?

World peace is unattainable and unachievable. This is what many of us think. It is a fact that the world lacks peace these days. Whenever you look at the newspaper or watch TV, you come to know about the incidents in which many people die. Some countries want to impose wars on other countries for their benefits. Terrorism has caused irrecoverable damages to society. But still, you should not lose hope. Peace and love exist in a multitude of places in the world. A world where conflicts reside peace is not attainable. Peace and tolerance are what make the world a beautiful place

Why does the world not have peace?

Everyone wants to live in a country where he could feel safe. A country where everyone has a place to live, and have enough money is called peaceful. But unfortunately, the negative forces are getting the positive forces. It is the human nature to have both positive and negative, but the absolute world peace will remain an unachievable goal if humans do not learn to reinforce positive and minimize negative.

The following are a few reasons that world lack today:

  • Lack of taking responsibility:

By taking the responsibility here does not mean that you do not take care of your family needs. Of course, it is essential, but by taking responsibility here means that we create our realities and we have to accept responsibility for that. What goes around that comes around? It means if you are doing something positive in the society something good will happen to you and vice versa.

  • The circle of revenge:

Another reason that world peace has not been achieved yet is that people are not tolerant of each other. Something terrible happens to one, he instead of forgiving and forgetting starts looking for the ways to take revenge. The circle of revenge never ends, and the peace in the society seems unattainable. All you need to understand is that peace and tolerance are non-separable forces.

  • People are judgmental:

You may have heard a statement many times that “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The fact is most people don’t understand it and keep judging people. If a person has done something wrong people will not forgive his/her close ones. They go after his family as well. Stop judging others if you want to prevail peace in the society.

  • Focusing on problems:

One mistake we all are doing is focusing on the issues. Rather than focusing on finding the solutions people are wasting their time focusing on what the issues are. This is the high time to focus and articulate what it is we want to be. It is highly essential to take responsibility for being true to your vision. What you sow so shall you reap so why don’t you sow solutions instead of problems.

  • We think it is impossible:

One of the leading causes of why there is no peace in the world is that we have decided that it is not possible to attain peace. If people believe that world peace is attainable, then the attempts to prevail peace will not go futile.

People have stopped helping each other. Now there is an attitude of taking pictures when someone is in the problem. After all, it is a matter of views and likes on Social media. Who cares about the person who is in the problem? Yeah! It is a fact of our society. People need to be more sensitive. Help each other as it will inspire others and they will help someone else.