1) GULAAL – Pearl Drop A


Look to Gulaal to your Eid edit. We now provide to you quite possibly among the most stunning collections of the year.

2) FARAH TALIB AZIZ – Belaza Black

Who says black is not acceptable for your summertime? Dark summer florals à la Farah Talib Aziz.

3) ELAN – Sangre EL 01-A

Forward thinking fashion. An alternative to this standard of dresses and clothes. For the pay-off will be well worth it.


Sana Safinaz gifts us a delicate masterclass. Everything falls together so flawlessly it is almost dreamlike.

Vintage wash tailoring and understated detailing provide us instantaneous and effortless elegance. ‘Less is more’ hasn’t been more apt courtesy of Zahra Shahjahan  zarqash.

In No. 5 – ELAN Lawn 26.03.19zarqash

Similar to CrimsonxRepublic that the Elan Yard’19 collection is not suitable for everybody but if you can not deal with the heat we suggest that you escape the kitchen. Motifs and the prints are boisterous and loud , but we love that Elan has supplied a variety that is fantastic to us. There are choices for the adventurous in addition to a few toned-down choices. We love there are so many pieces that cater to the dresser that is small. Whichever way is sure to turn heads and this collection oozes flair.

In No. 4 – Zara Shahjahan Yard’19 It’s everything that Spring & Summer wear ought to be – mild airy stuff, sleek traditional cuts (oh how we love the traditional!) Tailoring with hints and pops of colours and vibrant floral designs that struck all the right spots. This line is ideal come the warmer temperatures. You are going to be feeling cool and looking unruffled. Because conventional components don’t go out of fashion, we could see ourselves wearing annually.

At No. 3 – Sobia Nazir Luxury Lawn’19

Ever since the nineties and naughties, we’ve been huge fans and followers of Sobia Nazir, her clearly identifiable signature bridals were all the rage and altered the game. Through the years our love to get the designs of Sobia has just grown into what is now an infatuation. This yard’19 collection is nothing short of that – . For us, Sobia has ever been at the very top of the game. Every bit is captivating and beautiful to the eye. We see it as Summer and Spring in physical form. From summer barbeques to occasions, each and every bit is wearable. You won’t regret owning a Sobia design and we would bet our bottom dollar!

In No. 2 – Faraz Manan UK – Lawn’19 Collection

Couture at its best. Some things need no introduction so we won’t say much since these outfits speak for themselves.

At No. 1 -Farah Talib Aziz Luxury Lawn’19

Farah is OH-SO-FRESH! Since the designing this is not straightforward, this collection is not to be underestimated, it is so intelligently thought out. The layouts have uniqueness and oomph that brings you. It’s a deluxe luxury yard. It’s for people who like to play dress-up without pushing the ship a lot out (but only to the edge!) Whilst. The range is broad, the styles are completely versatile and the quality of complete and material is striking.